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    The Survivor From MS
    The Survivor Of MS

what is Multiple Sclerosis ?

Multiple Sclerosis is a disabling disease that affects the Central Nervous System (CNS)



Spinal cord

Optic Nerves

Type of Multiple Sclerosis


The first, and by far the most common pattern of multiple sclerosis, is called relapsing...

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The second type is called Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis or SPMS which...

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The third type is called Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis or PPMS, which is basically...

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The fourth type is Progressive Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis or PRMS. It is also one constant...

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On September, 2015 one day I woke up and everything had changed.There was weakness in my legs. I had balancing issues, too. It took doctors six months to diagnose that it was M.S. That was the time I realised that life is not the same any more. Since then I have been dreaming of waking up to my old life to find out that I am me again. But I believe that some day my dream will come true.

M.S Warrior

It was the fall of 2014 when I started having balance issues. Puzzling symptoms like Numbness and Dizziness became a regular thing. Before I knew it, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. However, I remained optimistic, never allowing my physical disability to become a mental one. Just when I had started to accept my distorted reality, relief came in the form of Bone Marrow Transplant that FINALLY made me free of M.S!

Kanika Juneja Delhi, India

It started at the age of 27. Blur vision, bowel problem, numbness started troubling me. I also started developing problems in walking. I couldn’t walk comfortably for more than 500 meters. Dejected, I had lost hope. My body was deteriorating at a very fast pace. Almost nothing seemed to work. Then I came to know about Bone Marrow Transplant in July, 2017. That gave me new hope. I got it done this year and I pray to get all my strength back soon.

Kaustav Choudhury Gauhati, India

It was in January 2016 that I first felt numbness and tingling sensation on the left side of my face. And within 15 days I was diagnosed with M.S, followed by Optic Neuritis. After that I was somewhat depressed but soon realised that being sad won't change anything for me and that I have to take life normally. Now, I am really looking forward to get Stem Cell Transplant done and have an M.S free life!

M.S Warrior

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2015. I was only 14 then. It began with non stop vomiting leading to numbness on right side of the face. Slowly I developed weakness in my left hand. Since then it has been a long journey both physically and mentally. I have kept this as a secret for too long because I was scared of being treated differently. I am grateful to my family who has supported me all through.

Deepanshu Vats Delhi, India

In April, 2013 I felt numbness in my arms and tingling sensation in my legs. In some time I developed double vision and vertigo. My body was continuously deteriorating with problems with my bowel and balance. That's when I decided to go for stem cell transplant. 3 months post the treatment, my disability score has reduced from 4.5 to 3. All the symptoms have almost vanished with major improvement in my bowel. I am very hopeful for a brighter future.

Megha Gupta Delhi, India